Back to School

The Summer seemed so brief and school has engulfed our children and their minds once again. Catholic Charities WV (CCWVa) receives a portion of the Diocesan Catholic Sharing Appeal to help prepare youth for their return to school.

This year CCWVa was able to purchase 250 backpacks and fill them with supplies to assist the children in being successful this school year. The agency gathered supplies from pencils, notebooks and crayons for the younger students to scientific calculators and USB drives for the older learners.
In Morgantown, the agency was able to partner once again with other service providers to distribute supplies through Christian Help. In Grafton, the agency also partnered with other service providers to get supplies to the youth in need. Partnerships are very important in these areas as to ensure no duplication of service and that CCWVa reaches the most students possible. In Preston County, supplies for younger students were provided to South Preston School. They will be distributing the back packs as needed to students throughout the year. Rebecca Hershman, Secretary for South Preston School, said, “We appreciate the donation to our school.” The supplies for the older children were given to Preston High School to distribute as they saw the need.
The backpack program is very important. CCWVa wants to give students the right start so they can focus on their studies and their parents can focus on helping with homework and helping their child adjust to school life. CCWVa, along with the children supported through this program, thank each of you that contribute to the Catholic Sharing Appeal which made this program possible.

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