Providing Home and Community for Sue

By Matt Atwood, Southern Regional Director

A very kind woman we’ll call “Sue” came to the Southern Region Office in Princeton for help.

Sue had lost her home in a fire a few months before and had been living in a storage trailer that was on her property. At age 64, she was living alone as her husband had been in a nursing home for some time.

She had been doing her best to make ends meet with her only income being from Social Security. With the help of her brother, Sue had moved a mobile home onto her property, but it still needed repairs before it would be habitable.

She reached out to Catholic Charities West Virginia seeking help with those repairs. As the weather was beginning to cool down, she was getting nervous about having a warm place to stay during the winter.

Sue had an estimate with the cost of labor and supplies needed to make her new place livable. Due to the way she had lost her home, Sue qualified for help through our Household Disaster Assistance.

Catholic Charities then reached out to the American Red Cross and the two agencies collaborated to split the cost of the repairs that would provide Sue a warm, safe home for the winter. She was overjoyed when she found out that she was getting the help she so desperately needed.

Her outlook through the entire ordeal was positive, her attitude was upbeat, and she was very thankful to God for everything she did have. It was a pleasure to help such an amazing lady, and we are so grateful for our generous donors who allow us to provide help and hope to Sue and others in need.

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