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Photo collage of old CCWV photos

In 1931, the Diocese of Wheeling (now the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston) united the many Catholic charitable outreach services available in the area under the name “Catholic Charities.” Catholic Charities began under the direction of Rev. Joseph Daly and was first located at the present Rectory of Saint Joseph Cathedral in Wheeling, West Virginia. In 1975, Catholic Charities was reorganized as an independent, self-governing agency and the name was changed to Catholic Community Services, Inc., and — in 2008 — changed back to Catholic Charities West Virginia (CCWVa).

The main office of CCWVa is located in Wheeling, and there are four regional offices throughout the state – Eastern Region, Northern Region, Southern Region, and Western Region. Each of these offices’ tailors’ services to the needs of the community at a local level. As more needs in a region arise, the regional director secures funding and builds a new program or service to address the need.

History of Catholic Charities

Since its inception in 1931, CCWVa has increased services and programs that meet the needs of individuals and families struggling economically. CCWVa has grown to encompass the entire state and has come to be known as a provider of quality social services. Our employees are committed, hard-working, helpful, and educated, and across West Virginia we have recruited many retired people, students, individuals, and families that volunteer to help with administrative tasks, teaching, and service. As our services have grown, CCWVa has touched the lives of thousands of West Virginia’s poor through emergency assistance, children’s services, disaster services, services for the elderly, and migration services.

Throughout its history, CCWVa has demonstrated a commitment to faith in action, and it remains committed to providing caring, compassionate services to people in need, and to working toward lasting and meaningful change.