Paula Taylor

Remembering Paula Taylor, CCWVa Board of Directors Chairman

Catholic Charities West Virginia (CCWVa) remembers the service and dedication of Paula Taylor, CCWVa Board of Directors Chairman.

Paula Taylor speaks at the Catholic Charities West Virginia Gala in 2019.

Paula worked tirelessly to advance the values and mission of CCWVa.

She provided outstanding leadership and guidance, serving on the CCWVa Board of Directors since 2012, and serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors since 2017.

“I am deeply saddened by the death of our board president Paula Taylor,” said Beth Zarate, CCWVa President and Chief Executive Officer. “I was fortunate to work closely with Paula, and her passion shone through in everything she did, from her work with our board of directors to her volunteer service in her community.”

Paula was a licensed Graduate Social Worker with the West Virginia Board of Social Work, and she had a special passion for protecting children.

From left: Beth Zarate, CCWVa President and CEO; Matthew Bowles, former CCWVa Board of Directors President; Paula Taylor, CCWVa Board of Directors Chairman

In a 2018 interview, Paula said, “I’m a social worker by profession, but also by heart.” This sentiment captured her dedication and passion, which were evident to those around her.

As a devoted Catholic, Paula was a lifelong member of Our Lady of Perpetual Hope Catholic Church in Stonewood, WV. She was active in her parish and in her community.

CCWVa honored Taylor with the CCWVa Salt and Light Award in 2012.

“Paula was a remarkable woman, and our agency will celebrate her extraordinary leadership, compassion and life dedicated to serving the most vulnerable West Virginians,” said Zarate.


By Katie Hinerman Klug, CCWVa Marketing Communications Specialist

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