Staff volunteering

Volunteering is Compassion

Situated in the heart of the capital city, the Charleston office of Catholic Charities often encounters people experiencing homelessness and responds to their needs with dignity and respect. One summer day, a simple conversation with a woman named Karen sparked a transformative initiative. Karen’s request for basic items like Q-tips revealed a pressing need

within the community. Motivated by compassion and creativity, the Charleston staff, led by volunteer, Mary Williams, embarked on a mission to assemble first aid kits.

Motivated by compassion and fueled by creativity, Mary, along with the support of the Charleston staff, set out on a mission. They recognized that addressing the small, seemingly insignificant needs could make a significant difference in the lives of those they served. Thus began the initiative to assemble first aid kits. Volunteers poured in, eager to contribute to this noble cause.

Mary’s dedication, supported by the Saint Francis Auxiliary, resulted in the distribution of over 100 kits, embodying the transformative power of faithful action and volunteerism in empowering others.

Learn how you can help in ourĀ mission by means of corporate partnerships, community collaboration, or volunteering here.

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