Free Cooking Classes for Families in Martinsburg, WV

Free Cooking Classes for Families provided by Catholic Charities, WVU Extension and the BE-Hive

MARTINSBURG, W.Va.—Healthy Cooking’s a SNAP! is a four-week series to help families with meal planning, cooking and nutrition that will be offered in Martinsburg, W.Va. The course is free to registered families and is being provided through a collaborative effort of Catholic Charities West Virginia’s Promise House Family Resource Center (CCWVa PH) and the West Virginia University Berkeley County Extension Office (WVUEO).

Classes will be held at 5:15 p.m. on four consecutive Mondays from March 2 to March 23 at the BE-Hive: A Family Inspiration Place located at 205 North Queen Street in Martinsburg.

“Making healthy dinners for your family does not have to be drudgery. Creating menus, selecting healthy ingredients and preparing foods into delicious meals can be fun for everyone,” said Kathie Campbell, CCWVa PH coordinator.

The program will be led by Karin Kozslowski, instructor for WVUEO, and will show adults how to plan meals, prepare fruits and vegetables and how to incorporate grains, proteins and meat alternatives into their diets. She will also review the benefits of dairy as well as discuss healthy alternatives to fat and sugar. While the adults are involved in their classes, Campbell will be with children ages 5-12 teaching them similar concepts and creating foods that are healthy and fun.

In addition to learning, families who attend all four sessions will receive a special gift for perfect attendance. Child care will be available for younger children.

There is no cost to attend, but prior registration is required. To register, call CCWVa PH at (304) 267-8837.

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