Living Mercy in the Family

On Sunday, I had the pleasure of leading a discussion at All Saints Church in Bridgeport. We talked about what it means to “Live Mercy” in the context of our families. We also talked about how important it is to extend that mercy beyond our families and into the wider community.

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We are already doing/living Mercy! Often, we are not intentional about our Works of Mercy, but we do them, none-the-less. For example, when we choose to forgive the small hurts in daily life, we might be “burying the dead.” Similarly, when we choose compassion in the face of emotional upheaval (whether it is a child’s temper tantrum or someone struggling with mental illness), we are “visiting those imprisoned” by their emotions.

The feedback that I received from those who attended included these changes they planned to make in their lives:

  • be aware
  • keep vigilant
  • be in tune
  • be open to encounter
  • engage with others
  • be generous
  • be forgiving

How will you become “Merciful Like the Father” [the motto for the Year of Mercy]?

Contact me, Kate, if you would like me to present at your parish! And “Like” our new Facebook page: WV Faithful Citizenship for resources and ideas to live Mercy.

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