CCWVa Disaster Services preparing for 2016 WV Flood Recovery

The storm this week and subsequent flooding #WVFlooding have caused significant damage, injury, and the tragic loss of life across West Virginia.

Catholic Charities West Virginia joins all people of faith in prayer for those who have lost loved ones, lost homes, and those that have been affected by the devastation.

Since the on-set Catholic Charities WV’s Statewide Disaster Coordinator has participated in WV-VOAD calls.  The group of organizations includes first responders, emergency management personnel and disaster recovery organizations like Catholic Charities WV.

First responders are actively working to save lives, evacuate people from dangerous situations and provide temporary shelter, food and other basic needs.  Those organizations that are engaged in these immediate response roles are publishing their own needs for volunteers and support. more information

Catholic Charities West Virginia’s Disaster Services plays a significant role in the long term (sometimes several years) recovery after a widespread disaster occurrence.

As the water is receding slowly, damage assessment and recovery plans are pending.  However, Catholic Charities WV is staying informed and identifying potential needs for volunteers and funding to sustain a long term recovery.

Stay tuned to our Facebook page for updates.

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