Resident Expresses Gratitude

Christopher first came to Catholic Charities West Virginia for assistance in November of 2014. At that time, he was struggling with part time employment and lack of transportation. He traveled to the Southern Region Office by bus and met Program Assistant Nancy Blankenship. That day he not only received assistance with obtaining food, but he was offered encouragement through his conversation with Nancy. Over the next two years, Christopher returned twice to CCWVa in times of need when he felt there was no one else to help him. During his most recent visit he expressed gratitude for both the assistance he has received and the motivation. “Nancy Blankenship is a great asset to your staff, having shown great customer service skills and striving to help others,” he said. Christopher reports that he is now employed, has his own vehicle, and is doing well. Nancy recalled that he was one of her first clients as an employee of CCWVa. “It’s so great when you see people get back on their feet after you’ve helped them get through a hard time”, Nancy said.
“It’s a great honor to know businesses like this are still around helping and caring for others”, he responded, “Thanks again for all that you do.”

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