Finding Confidence and Success Through Case Management

Through our case management program, which helps struggling neighbors move to self-sufficiency, we were able to help a young woman named Autumn finally end her homelessness. Our case manager, Kelly, spent nearly six months working closely with Autumn, who had been homeless off and on for about two years. Autumn had been trying to overcome her obstacles on her own, but each time she made progress toward a job or apartment, something would fall through. Autumn felt defeated and was ready to give up. Kelly was able to work closely with Autumn to address the challenges she faced, and together, they achieved Autumn’s goals of employment and housing. It has been over three months since Autumn secured a stable job and moved into her own apartment. Her overall outlook is much different from before – she is extremely happy and is excited about her future. Through the case management program, she was able to learn strategies to improve her personal finances. Since moving into her own apartment, she consistently pays her rent ahead of time, takes care of her necessities, and is still able to put back some money into her savings account. We are so proud of Autumn’s accomplishments and are deeply grateful to you for supporting the Neighborhood Center and the Case Management program we provide.

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