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Volunteering means to carry out a duty or a job without expecting repayment. Charity work requires a wide variety of people, doing a wide range of tasks for everything to work. There are many benefits one can gain through volunteering, it can teach new skills, help you stay active, lead to employment or become a therapeutic outlet.
CCWVa depends heavily upon our volunteers. Without the help of many selfless individuals, we could not provide the services that we offer to our clients. Before the doors are open there is a lot going on behind the scenes. Food is in route, shelves are being stocked, the building is being cleaned and the pantry is being prepped. Once the doors do open, our volunteers and staff are ready with smiles and open hearts to help each individual that walks through our doors.
When asked why do you volunteer? All the answers were similar and can be summed up with this poem by an unknown author.

Why be a Volunteer?
It’s not for money,
It’s not for the fame,
It’s not for any personal gain,
It’s just for the love of fellow man,
It’s just to lend a helping hand.
It’s just to give a tithe of self,
That’s something you can’t buy with wealth,
It’s not for medals won with pride,
It’s not for that feeling deep inside.
Your reward is found down in your heart
It’s a feeling that you’ve been a part of
Helping others far and near that
Make you become a volunteer!

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