Volunteer Spotlight: Augusta Levy Learning Center

By Grant Coleman, Northern Region Program Assistant

Over the years, the Neighborhood Center has been blessed with volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. Recently, some of our Wednesday volunteer crew has consisted of the staff and students of the Augusta Levy Learning Center—the first intensive autism treatment program in West Virginia.

Their mission is to ‘propel children with autism to their higher potential.’ This includes giving back to their local communities at places like the Catholic Charities Neighborhood Center. The children and their dedicated staff have done an incredible job around the Center and have been a great addition to our team.

While we are enjoying the benefits of their hard work, it seems they are benefiting from their interactions with us, as well. Haley Rush, a behavior specialist with Augusta Levy, said that she and the other staff have noticed some incredible improvements from the kids.

“The way the volunteers and staff interact with our kids has surpassed our expectations,” Rush said. “It has been extraordinarily beneficial for our students’ social development.”

The Augusta Levy Learning Center ‘aims to enhance the social, academic, communication, and independent living skills of its students.’ From what we can see, they are doing an amazing job!

Thank you to the crew from the Augusta Levy Learning Center!

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