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Building a Better Future

By Katie Hinerman Klug, Catholic Charities West Virginia Marketing Communications Specialist

West Virginia resident Amanda Cowgill had dropped out of high school and started a family at a young age. Although her family was struggling, she refused to be defined by her situation.

“At the lowest point in my life, I asked myself if I wanted to be like this for the rest of my life, and the answer was no,” said Amanda.

Amanda Cowgill prepares for a day at work at her local Wal-Mart pharmacy in southern West Virginia

Amanda enrolled in Catholic Charities West Virginia’s (CCWVa) case management services.

Case management services at CCWVa empower clients and consider the needs of the person holistically. CCWVa case managers build relationships with clients, empower them, and provide support for them to reach their goals.

At CCWVa, case management is also a vehicle to unite all programs offered throughout the agency, providing a continuum of service and making efficient use of all available resources. Ultimately, case managers assist clients in making lasting changes that lead to greater stability in their lives.

Amanda developed a close relationship with her CCWVa case manager, and she received the guidance, resources and support she needed to achieve her goals. Amanda earned her High School Equivalency diploma, and then went on to secure a job at her local Wal-Mart pharmacy.

Amanda’s success is inspirational, especially for her own teenagers. They are proud of their mother, and have seen how it is possible to make positive changes that can create a better future.

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