Staff Member, talks with Client/Neighbor, about her current needs.

Empowering West Virginians to a Pathway out of Poverty

As we look with hope toward the end of the coronavirus pandemic, thousands of West Virginians are still reeling with the challenges the past year has presented.

“We are providing three times the assistance we did in comparison to last year at this time,” said Beth Zarate, Catholic Charities West Virginia (CCWVa) President and Chief Executive Officer.

Over the past year, CCWVa has seen many new families that have not previously needed food assistance or financial assistance.

Keith Miller, CCWVa Staff Member, talks with Mintie Ross, CCWVa Client/Neighbor, about her current needs.

For some of our clients, this temporary assistance is enough. However, some need additional guidance, support and services. Catholic Charities is uniquely suited to help these individuals through our case management program and our continuum of services.

“The power of case management is that it empowers people to make lasting changes that lead to greater stability, and construct a pathway out of poverty based on their unique strengths,” said Zarate.

Catholic Charities takes a holistic and strengths-based approach to case management.

“Without Catholic Charities, I’d be lost,” said Mintie Ross, CCWVa client/neighbor. “I wouldn’t know how to do different things – like go to the store and buy cheaper stuff one way or another.”


Thank you, Catholic Charities. You saved my life. – Mintie Ross


Reggie Smith, CCWVa client, holds his daughter as he and his family move into their new home they obtained with help from CCWVa.

Catholic Charities provides the support to help clients move toward opportunity. Materials supports may include transportation to appointments, fees for official documents (birth certificate, driver’s license, etc.), vehicle repair, uniform purchase, fees for workplace certifications, and more.

In Martinsburg, our case manager helped Reggie Smith and his family find housing and connected them to available community resources.

“I’m just so thankful that they [Catholic Charities] opened the door for us with a [first month’s rent] deposit,” said Smith. “I thank God for them. They gave me hope to keep pushing.”





By Katie Hinerman Klug, Marketing Communications Specialist

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