Kouper’s Story

400x300-images-stories-building-blocksThe benefits of West Virginia Birth to Three services were even greater than we could have imagined for Kouper. My son Kouper, now six years old, participated in WVBTT beginning when he was seven months old and completed at three when he transitioned into special needs preschool.

When Kouper was born after a very complicated pregnancy I was so relieved to have him in my arms but knew just by holding him something was different than holding my older son, Waylon. He seemed week and molded into me when cuddling. The doctors all reassured me that he was fine and I was just nervous and that not all children are the same. Waylon, now nine, has always been an over achiever. So I ignored my mother’s instinct until Kouper was seven months old. He still had very little head control, extreme head lag and was not meeting his developmental mile stones. I took him to his pediatrician again demanding answers and they started the testing.

While waiting on test results I referred Kouper to WV BTT myself and in no time Kouper’s services began. Kouper received one on one speech, physical, occupational, and developmental therapies in our home. This was very beneficial to us because he was more comfortable there and unlike a clinical setting it made everything he was doing in therapy pertain to his everyday life. His therapists, service coordinators, and developmental specialist were like a part of the family they not only assisted Kouper but taught my husband, Waylon, and myself strategies to work with him. They were great emotional support for our family as well.

Kouper was diagnosed with hypotonic Cerebral Palsy at age eighteen months and globally delayed but because of our WV BTT family he also took his first steps, although wobbly, then as well.

After Kouper’s transition he regressed a great deal for many, many months and we were very puzzled as to why. We then, after taking him to a psychologist, discovered Kouper was autistic as well and benefited so much from WV BTT services because of all of the individualized care he had received.

We are very blessed to have Kouper in our lives and would not change him for anything in the world. We are very thankful to the WV BTT family for being so supportive and we have created life long relationships with all of them.

Now Kouper attends an ABA preschool and is accomplishing more each and every day. He has a bright future ahead of him and the sky is the limit. I thank WV BTT services for providing the necessary foundation for all of his success in life.

Thanks So Much!

Pat Elliott

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