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Rejoicing with William

William is a strong, hard-working person who has enrolled in our adult education services in Huntington. He has been in recovery from addiction for several months. We rejoice with William, celebrating his progress and victories!

William enrolled in adult learning courses on his path to recovery from addiction. “I’m thankful to have this opportunity to better myself,” said William.

William and others in recovery have been experiencing particular struggles over the last year and a half, which makes their triumphs all the more exceptional. Social distancing has led to isolation, which can be dangerous for those struggling with substance use disorder (SUD).

Catholic Charities West Virginia staff members have taken the precautions necessary to keep everyone safe, offering the gift of community when people need it most.

SUD impacts every area of a person’s life, including relationships, nutrition, housing, and employment. We support William with “wrap-around” support services to help him overcome daunting challenges.

Our staff has worked with William to help him create an individualized plan to achieve his unique goals. We’ve connected him with social services to support him while he earns his High School Equivalency diploma.

“I’m getting a lot of help from Catholic Charities. They’ve helped me in so many different ways. Like, furthering my education, meals when I’m hungry and I don’t have much to eat, rides to and from the [Catholic Charities] Center, helping me stay sober and in my recovery, and last but not least, friendship.” – William Pierson

We’re honored to walk with William on his recovery journey. And we truly rejoice with him, thankful for every victory! Ultimately, our goal is to help adult learners like William become healthier, stay in recovery, and live to their fullest potential.

Hear William’s story:


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