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A Story of Hope and Resilience: A Dream of a Homemade Meal Comes True

Many of us can empathize with the desire for a homemade meal. Levi shared this longing, but his aspiration went beyond that – he yearned for the opportunity to cook that meal in his very own kitchen.

“I simply crave a homemade meal… the chance to prepare it myself,” Levi said.

Levi and Molly encountered a challenging situation, both having lost their jobs and lacking a place to live when their daughter, Katrina, was born.

“Dealing with all of this while welcoming a baby was exceptionally demanding,” Levi recalled.

Instead of choosing a homeless shelter, where they would have to share space with numerous others and potentially expose their newborn to viruses, the family opted to stay in a hotel.

Catholic Charities West Virginia (CCWVa) intervened to support Levi and his family through its case management program, which aids individuals and families in pursuing their goals. Through this program, skilled staff meet with individuals to overcome barriers and determine actionable steps and available community resources, extending financial assistance when needed.

“Case management is a way we can walk alongside our clients in their journeys and support them in achieving their goals,” said Diana Bell, CCWVa Assistant Chief Program Officer. “It’s the beacon of hope that helps them transform longing into reality. Levi and Molly’s journey reminds us that, in times of challenge, the right support can empower dreams, even when life takes unexpected turns.”

CCWVa provided Levi and his family not only with the security deposit and first month’s rent, but also with kitchen utensils, blankets, and other household essentials. They were finally able to bathe their baby in a bathtub, a welcome change from using the hotel sink.

“I am immensely thankful that CCWVa helped us by covering the deposit,” Levi expressed. “I thank God for them. They instilled hope in me to persevere.”

Levi, Molly, and Katrina are thriving in their new home. Molly has been able to return to work, while Levi takes care of their daughter during the day.

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