A Transformative Journey: Jason’s Inspiring Story Through Our Case Management Program

Case Management at Catholic Charities West Virginia serves to advance the organization’s mission by delivering comprehensive social services to the disadvantaged and underserved population, demonstrating the agency’s unwavering commitment to alleviating poverty among the residents of the Mountain State. Through collaborative efforts between the Case Manager and the service recipient, a strategic plan is devised to enable the individual to make progress toward self-sufficiency. Throughout this journey, the recipient receives invaluable support, guidance, and access to supplementary services, which prove instrumental in overcoming obstacles and celebrating achievements along the path to realizing their aspirations.

Regional Case Manager Joseph Sparksman first encountered Jason during a period of homelessness. Joe discovered that Jason had recently lost his job due to chronic lateness, attributed to his lack of an alarm clock, coupled with his inability to access shower and grooming facilities before work. Recognizing Jason’s untapped potential, Joe saw more in him than Jason saw in himself and motivated him to enroll in the case management program at Catholic Charities.

Joe played a pivotal role in securing shelter and enrolling Jason in a job program at Youth Services System. Despite a setback that led to Jason’s incarceration on an arson charge, Joe remained steadfast in his support, working with him during his time behind bars to set goals and create a re-entry plan.

Following his release from prison in February 2022, Jason has consistently met with Joe. With Joe’s assistance, he has achieved stable housing, gained employment, and is now pursuing vocational training. Joe and Jason are currently collaborating to access mental health services, further enhancing Jason’s overall health and well-being as he continues on his path to personal growth and self-improvement.

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